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What you need to know about home health aide

Health aides play an important role in helping people who cannot carry out their daily activities independently. They are a good option for people who do not want to place the elderly in a care home. Before a person decides to train as a home health aide, they should know the associated advantages and disadvantages. This will make it easy for them to make the right career choice. Training as a home health aide worker is a starting point for training in other courses in the medical field. This would facilitate career growth.


Becoming a home health aide requires little education because the training does not take long. Therefore, if you are looking for a profession where you can train and start making money within a short period, being a home health aide is the ideal option. Some states do not require an individual to have a high school diploma before they can train as health aides.

Unlike other entry-level jobs, home health aides can work at any given time, which offers a flexible schedule. The health aide can therefore balance their work and personal activities within a flexible schedule. One can also choose whether to work full-time or part-time, depending on your schedule. The amount of money obtained also depends on the number of hours worked. The more hours a home health aide works, the more they will earn from the entry-level job.

The other advantage is the unending job availability. As people continue to age, they will likely require the help of a home health aide, which means that the workers will always have jobs. A large number of baby boomers prefer to be cared for at home rather than being taken to residential care homes. As well, the physically fit also require health aides to help with their daily activities at home, and this means the job market for these workers is full of opportunities.


The main disadvantage associated with being a home health aide is the risk of developing emotional trauma. When someone is caring for a person who is terribly ill, they can feel empathy for them to the extent that it affects their well-being. The health aide might also suffer an emotional loss in a situation where the patient has passed away.

In some cases, the health aides work with patients that are very ill to the extent that they need help bathing or getting up from bed. This puts the worker at the risk of injuring their back, especially when lifting the person. In other cases, the worker is exposed to the risk of getting an infection if the client does not provide the necessary protective gear.

The above advantages and disadvantages will help an individual determine whether they would love to become a home health aide worker or not. A trained health worker works under certified agencies and under the supervision of a medical professional. This makes their work easier because, in most cases, they have to do light tasks for the patient.

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