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Welcome to Brevard Nursing Academy, WE are excited that you have chosen our institution to further your healthcare career; whether you are just starting in the healthcare field or have decided to advance your career WELCOME!

Program Philosophy​

“Excellence in All We Do” Brevard Nursing Academy promotes a culture of continuous growth, improvement, and an understanding of our changing complex healthcare system; all the while, guiding our students from the classroom to the demanding workforce, as they pursue their lives’ goals.  Our staff is comprised of highly trained professionals in the healthcare system and approaches teaching each student via lectures and real-world experiences. We understand that each student is an individual and unique, and we recognize these individuals as such. At Brevard Nursing Academy, we WELCOME these challenges.​

Mission Statement

Our mission at Brevard Nursing Academy is to provide the next generation of healthcare professionals with the opportunity to excel and function above the standard of care within the ever-changing health care system while effecting positive, social and economic change.

Vision Statement

Brevard Nursing Academy envisions training competent healthcare professionals who will be judged, not only on our program curriculum but on immediate critical nursing skills, which we will not only meet but surpass expectations.

Core Values

Brevard Nursing Academy incorporates five (5) core nursing values: Human Dignity, Integrity, Diversity, Social Justice, and Excellence. By embedding these core values into our curriculum, we are not only setting but raising the standards for the next generation of nursing care professionals.