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What do you think are the qualities of a good nurse?

The world as it is today has never had enough nurses. Many people assume that a nursing carrier is a calling and that all the good qualities of a nurse come naturally. However, this is not the case as it takes intense and professional training through the best nursing school around. More nurses are being registered every year and have shown no signs of stopping as the world's demand for nurses keeps rising. Healthcare systems or hospitals wanting to retain or attract good nursing talent need to understand nurses' invaluable qualities. It is best if the hospitals identify who among the existing nurses would make good leaders and identify strong candidates for hire by encouraging nurses' specific qualities. Qualities such as influence, growth, and leadership should be among the key parameters to qualify a person to work at a health institution. With an estimated three million registered nurses, it is essential to consider some specific qualities in getting well-trained and experienced nurses. These qualities include;


For a patient, a caring nurse makes all the difference. When a nurse naturally cares about a patient, it creates an ambience for a peaceful and quick recovery. A caring nurse will have a significant impact on their career path. Although there are many whose dream career has been nursing, some use this path as a starting point before following their passion. Whichever way you choose, this is a career that will not disappoint when you are devoted and determined.


Nursing career has its challenges as you will be dealing with hundreds of patients. Sometimes it is easy to become insensitive. However, for you to be a good nurse, it is best to be compassionate and empathetic to each patient, putting yourself in the shoes of your patient or their families. You should have a person-centred care approach even though there may be some strict routines to follow. This can be a significant boost to the patient's recovery.


With the intense pressure that the nurses undergo at work, it may seem like human error is inevitable. Having to balance between getting orders from the doctors and using their judgement to give quality healthcare to their patients is not a skill to be overlooked, but still, they manage to pull through. This can only happen to those who are keen and pay attention to detailed instruction while giving their best judgement of a situation since it is for the wellbeing of a patient, and sometimes a matter of life and death.

Communication skills and critical thinking

This is the most vital characteristic of a nurse. A nurse needs to communicate with the physicians, relay the message to the patient and still communicate with their fellow nurses. Incorrect information may be very detrimental as it may lead to medical error, resulting in claims of negligence, which may ruin a career. It requires you to think critically especially in a highly stressed situation. If a nurse critically analyses situations frequently, they can pull through with ease.


As the career progresses, a nurse should look forward to becoming a leader, taking responsibilities and advising on critical patient situations. Unfortunately, sometimes promotions come without adequate knowledge and skills. Some people become union reps and some heads of departments. These are significant roles that require one to demonstrate top quality leadership through decision-making, sacrifices, and going out of their way to defend the people they are representing.

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