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Is An LPN Certificate Worth The Time?

There is Nothing Negative About Getting More Education

If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or a Medical Technician, as some Hospitals use this title, you are ahead of the game because you are familiar with medical terminology, procedures, and the basics of being a Nursing Assistant.

CNA wages are fair wages, and the job is an honorable position. It makes no difference if you are a CNA or not. If you have your sights set on becoming a nurse, you need to make out your application and get it sent in for approval to enter an online LPN Program.

Seriously consider an online LPN program to meet your needs if you cannot travel to a campus or your schedule does not permit you to sit in on class every day. An LPN Program online may fit your needs perfectly. Education is always a good and positive move.

To enter any Licensed Practical Nurse Program, you must have your high school diploma. If you did not graduate high school, you need to get your GED before applying to any nursing program.

If you have your diploma or GED and want to enter an online LPN program this may be an answer for you and give you the chance to increase your education. This LPN program online only takes 12-months and opens new doors of opportunity that you would not have available as a CNA. Additionally, you will see a significant rise in wages, benefits, bonuses, and perks when you complete your LPN program online.

LPN Programs are Not Being Phased Out

Rumor has been over the last 30 years that the LPN programs everywhere are being phased out. The good news is that LPN programs are alive and well across the United States. Know that the LPN community serves the public well in the past, the present, and future years to come.

Is Climbing Up The Nursing Ladder for You?

Once you have your LPN certificate, you will find many more doors of opportunity open to you. Many employers send their LPNs back to school for their RN license. However, one thing at a time, get that LPN certificate, get a few years of experience working as an LPN, and then consider entering an RN program.

Climbing up the ladder to a successful nursing career often starts with a CNA or LPN certificate. Who knows how far you can go or desire to go but you. Consider steps after you obtain your LPN certificate such as,

  • An ADN or Associates Degree in Nursing (two years)

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

  • A Master's Degree in Nursing

  • Physicians Assistant

  • NP or Nursing Practitioner

The sky's the limit in nursing with wage increases, benefits, perks, bonus, responsibility, and prestige all starts with an LPN Program online.

A Valuable Learning Experience, Through an LPN Online Program

Learning Vital Information in an Online LPN Program

As a student in this LPN online program, you learn how to consider your patients' customs, culture, religion, beliefs and values. You learn how to utilize your professional values and standards for ethical nursing practice. You are taught how to use therapeutic nursing to reach peak health.

The responsibility and accountability you must adhere to forms the highest standards of nursing practice as set by the nurse practice act. Excellent communication is vital to you so that you can utilize interpersonal skills along with the ever-changing world of medicine and technology.

You use all you are taught in 12-months to take and successfully pass the State Board of Nursing exam for Practical Nursing and the NCLEX-PN, setting you on the road to success as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

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