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Nursing Classes

Start Our Nursing Classes This Month to Start On The Path of Making Your Dreams a Reality

Are you interested in taking nursing courses with us at Brevard Nursing Academy in 2023? We offer quality courses for students who are interested in entering the healthcare field. You can start with our NA course that is either one week intensive or five weeks long, then evolve to our PN program which will take a year but you will end up a licensed practical nurse at the end with all those perks in job security and pay. Then if you really want to keep growing, the path between PN and Registered Nurse is just a leap compared to how far you have already come.

To enroll in our PN program first you must take an entrance exam to see if you qualify. After that, you will need to pass security clearances and background checks. The nursing courses are fast-paced and you must keep up so we do not recommend working more than part-time while you attend the 12-month program.

The nursing courses at the academy are intensive and you will learn a lot about anatomy, medicine, biology, and patient care. But the clinicals are just as vital and you are not permitted to miss any so be sure you can commit the time. The rewards of working hard those 12 months are vast but remember that you will need to be able to dedicate your energy and resources to become a nurse without an absence or a single course failed. We give this warning so you can get your life in order, arrange child care and back up childcare and have a support group for your study time for the next twelve months. We want to see each of our students succeed so we do what we can to prepare you in advance. After the course, you will take the state-mandated test to actually receive your license and you will have accomplished a great step towards your goal of becoming a nurse. Many people do not even feel the need to go any further, but if you do this is a solid educational foundation to start a whole career in healthcare leadership.

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