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Nursing Assistant

Why Should You Start Your Career In Healthcare As A Nursing Assistant?

There are many paths to working with patients and making a difference in the lives of those who rely on you. A NA or Nursing Assistant is an entry-level position that many people choose because they can take an informative class and get right to work after their test for licensing. Many people choose to start as a NA even if they plan on becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) because it gives them experience that they would have never gleaned otherwise. Others choose the NA path because they need to work through PN or nursing school, and others are completely satisfied with becoming a NA and staying in that position their whole career because the pay is fair and they care for their patients deeply. No matter the motivation or path you plan to take, you can start right here at Brevard Nursing Academy and become a part of the army of trained healthcare professionals that start right here and work all over the state.

Our NA Prep Exam Course lasts five weeks and prepares students for all aspects of the job of a nursing assistant. Most people in the class make friends in the healthcare field that they keep their whole career. The class is fast-paced but fun and informative. There is a lot of information to unpack over the course of the month but most of our students go on to ace their test. There is also a NA Prep Course Workshop for those who simply need a refresher before they take the test. If you are unsure which course is right for your needs we will be happy to answer any questions to get you in the correct program.

If you are unsure because of financial reasons we have programs where you can prepay after putting your deposit down, and other financial plans on a case-by-case basis. Think about how much better your life maybe if you started on this path last year. Do future you a favor and start this month by calling or filling out the form today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your way to success in the healthcare field. No matter where you want to end up starting as a NA can only provide you life experience that will be a valuable way to spend your time that goes beyond a paycheck. Most Nursing Assistants report higher job satisfaction when they work with Registered Nurses who started out as NAs themselves and most patients report that RNs and Practitioners that started out as NAs are more approachable and understanding. Your future patients and coworkers will be glad you started your career with us.

Nursing Assistants can work in any healthcare setting. You may find yourself in an emergency room working at a fast pace to help nurses and doctors with urgent cases. Or you may end up in a nursing home where you help people enjoy the golden stages of their life with grace. Many NAs enjoy employment at doctor's offices, in-home health care settings, and on every floor of a hospital. If you want to work with children, babies, adults, physical therapy recovery patients, or any other healthcare path you will likely find a happy home as a NA at a local medical facility. The job will likely be very hands-on and you will find yourself caring for your patients, this is what makes a skilled nurse and what will make you want to get up and return each day. It is a job like no other and it takes a special type of person. We can train you if you think you have the heart and mind for it. You may just surprise yourself over the next several weeks as you grow in skills and learn that you can do things for people that you never imagined. Another perk of being a nurse is your job skills are life skills when it comes to taking care of your family when they are down and out at home.

Fill out the registration form to start on the path of becoming one of the highly qualified trained healthcare professionals in the area. We welcome you to ask questions if you have any concerns and we pride ourselves in providing a supportive environment as our students learn our state-approved curriculum and leave us with the skills they need for success.

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