Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide Work Is Rewarding And With Our Training You May Be Able To Start Faster Than You May Expect

An HHE or Home Health Aid is a medical professional who has a vast role to fulfill. A home health aid enters into their patient's home for a predetermined amount of time. It may be for a whole shift of 8 or 12 hours at one location, or an HHA may see several patients in a day for a few hours at a time. It is all determined by the needs of the patients. A home health aid must be friendly, a little outgoing, and they must be willing to be humble. Often a home health aid also assists in light housework, meal serving, and errands running with their patient if it is directed by the employing company. This line of nursing is unlike others in that the caregiver often truly delves deep into the lives of their patients and becomes like one of the family. If the caregiver does not mesh with the patient they often are assigned to a new patient.

If you think you have what it takes to be a home health aide, then contact us at Brevard Nursing Academy to begin your training. Your class will last three weeks and you will learn how to monitor your patient's condition, how to take care of their surroundings, and so much more. You do not require a GED for this course, nor the CNA course but if you want to advance further than that we recommend you start working on your diploma. A home health aid is a great way to get started in the world of health care professionals to see if you enjoy it and can handle the ins and outs of patient care before investing more time and energy into furthering your health care education. The pay is good in the Brevard County area and the job is in high demand.

Our self assist medication aide program (med-tech) is a six-hour course designed for home health aides and CNA's to assist their patients with the taking of their over the counter and prescription medications. This course is to help the students understand the risks of medication use and abuse, to teach students how to keep accurate records and the importance of doing so, and to allow the home health aide to be more effective while they are on duty. It is often added on to our CNA or Home Health Aid Course if the employer you have in mind requires it (they likely will).

The path that healthcare professionals take is often different for each person. You may start out as a home health aid and realize you enjoy the patient care side of things and yearn for more responsibility. You may start out in school and then end up working in home health care who is in charge of supervising a whole team of HHAs. No matter where you start, you will always remember that first moment you realized that you wanted to work in the medical field and care for others for a living. We are excited to be there for your journey and we even have job placement programs for our CNA and Home Health Aid students. Contact us today to learn more or go ahead and begin your registration online.