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Healthcare Training

Healthcare Career Training is Available Right Here At Brevard Nursing Academy

Are you feeling a bit lost? Unsure of your next step but sure you need to take a step? Perhaps a career in healthcare is the step you've been waiting to take. Healthcare career training can take you from unemployed to a skilled essential worker in less time than you may expect. It is not for everyone, you must have a strong work ethic and a willingness to study and pass your exams for each level you choose to advance to but entry is not too difficult and you may find your calling. Browse our programs from home health aide to nursing assistant, and practical nursing to phlebotomy technician workshop and everything in between to find out where your interests are.

Where Can Healthcare Training at Brevard Nursing Academy Take You?

  • Laboratories - Phlebotomy is in demand at blood labs across the state, you may find yourself taking blood samples from patients each day.

  • Long-Term Care Facilities - Nursing Assistants, Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses all find rewarding work at long-term care centers.

  • Public or Private Schools - The State of Florida is always hiring school nurses to keep children safe while at school.

  • Hospitals - From the Emergency Room to the Delivery Room, From The ICU to Hospice hospitals always need great nurses.

  • Doctor's Offices - You may find your career home at a doctor's office getting to know the patients as they come in time and time again. It is less fast-paced than a hospital and many people prefer it.

  • In Homes - In-home healthcare is always in demand for nurses of all levels. You can really get to know your patients and their families as you visit them for your shift each day.


If you are interested in finding out where healthcare career training can take you then register for a class and start on your path to a rewarding career that has only growth forecasted for the future. It is known as a recession, pandemic, and depression proof career when it comes to job security and good nurses are always in demand for better pay as their reputation grows. You have to start though, so start with us. Some of our classes begin each week and others cycle at different times so start your registration to get in on the soonest class possible once you choose your program of interest. If you are not sure which program is right for you contact us to find out more about your qualifications and our offerings.

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