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CPR Courses  

We Have Your CPR Certification and BLS Courses Available To Healthcare Professionals And The Public At Certain Times Year Round

Do you need your CPR certification for a job, or because it is the responsible thing to do? We offer this course to the public so you do not have to meet any pre reqs to take it. All you need to do is simply sign up, pay, and show up on the day. This class is approved by the American Heart Association and can literally save lives if you take the knowledge to heart and remember it. It is important that anyone who works with children, the elderly, or even in food service knows CPR techniques to save a life. Many new parents even take the course so they are ready in case of a worst-case scenario. The fact is that to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail, and we are happy to help people in the area live safer lives through the knowledge of proven life saving methods.

What is Basic Life Support or BLS?

Basic Life Support is a certification requirement for all healthcare providers including home health aides, nurses, and doctors, public safety professionals including firefighters and police officers, childcare workers including bus-drivers and daycare workers to help make sure they have the skills needed to save a life in an emergency situation. This emergency level of medical treatment training is designed to help the person survive until the automatic external defibrillator arrives. Our course meets all the requirements for certification and your certificate will last two years.

CPR courses are the base of lifesaving skills that healthcare professionals should have. Many parents today even require that their babysitters take our BLS or CPR courses to maximize their child's safety. If you are a healthcare professional or if you simply understand the importance of cultivating these important life skills book your 65 dollar course today. You may find that you need the skills sooner than you expect, you just never know.

Things You May Not Know About BLS and CPR:

  • CPR administered directly after a heart attack can double or triple the person's chances of survival according to The American Heart Association.

  • BLS and CPR are the same thing. BLS is simply an updated term for CPR.

  • The earlier CPR or BLS is administered the higher the chances of it being effective are. Do not hesitate if you have the training to apply it as soon as you see the need.

  • Children as young as nine can effectively learn BLS, but the methods should not be practiced on them during training as their frames are smaller and more fragile.


Girls Night? Why Not Take a Basic Life Support Class Before Painting The Town Red?

Our BLS classes are open to the public and health care professionals alike so if you are planning a girls night out soon why not get your pals together for an educational session that can be lifesaving before the rest of your evening. You may be surprised at how much that one evening can change your life and the life of your friends. It may introduce one or some of you into the healthcare field and it will certainly give you all the ability to save a life if an emergency occurs. Fill out the online form to book your class today.

Anyone with any nursing training and BLS certification knows that one of the biggest perks of the job is the fact that you have a unique set of skills that may save your loved ones one day. You do not have to be a nurse or in the healthcare careers training program at Brevard Nursing Academy to take our Basic Life Support Certification Class. Your certification is approved by the American Heart Association and will last you two years, the information you learn will last you a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Book your class today.

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